We don't live in countries, we live in our languages. That is your home, there and nowhere else.

Folks, it's time I was leaving.

I am just repeating what I have heard.

I'd go visit Warren in the hospital if I were you.

I have 13 years of service.

I can't think of any solution to this problem.

I pricked up my ears when I heard of the available apartment.

It didn't surprise me at all that Ole got arrested from drunken driving.

Hand me those scissors.

I don't want them to be alone.

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Judy was accused of cheating.

Do you want me to teach you some swear words?

Thank you, but I'm not interested.

Should I wait?

The next two years are not expected to be prosperous.

Boredom is his worst enemy.

Kinch didn't want to eat the worms even though they were high in protein.

Only I can save you.

The fish is hiding under the rocks.

I can see you right now.

Are you going to pay a visit to China this fall?

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What's that about?

Kate always shows off her diamond ring.

More or less, he is crazy.

They also built a sand castle.

It's a very bizarre animal.

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This is harmless in itself.

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We're not related.


She likes you very much.

I can't hide out forever.

I'd like to be a guitarist.

We'll get you a replacement.

Can you help her out before they catch her?


My body itches all over.

I fell down the stairs in my haste.

Why do you have to do it?

That poet lived here a little over 20 years.

The noise lessened gradually.

Another storm, and our village would have been ruined.

"Just where are you, Dima?!" Al-Sayib asked, getting a towel to wipe the spilled Fanta.

Bernard seems to be really happy.

The eternal flame of love burned only half a year.

When the bus swerved to miss a cat, the driver said, "That was a close call."

Do you really think you can be here by 2:30?

I think Raif is right.

He was shot and seriously wounded.

That made me angry.

Be quiet, he might hear us.

My bike was stolen yesterday.

I wish we'd told Suzan to come as well.

I hear you've been offered the job.

Does Jong always carry a gun?


Alvin put his bedroom in order.

I swear I'll pay you back.

It is strange that you should know nothing about the matter.

Cole plans to be back here again next year.

That's a question we're all asking ourselves.

Did you hide it somewhere?

I didn't hack into anybody's computer.

Lowell will share.

You have to take the first step.


The Head of State is here on an official visit.

We were in danger of losing our lives.

She used to keep a diary, but doesn't anymore.

It's Germany's highest mountain.

Children love playing on the beach.


Though a man may go out to battle a thousand times against a thousand men, if he conquers himself, he is the greatest conqueror.

The next month he achieved his first NHL shutout and showed the talent of an NHL super goalie.

I don't know if it helped or not.

Did she like it?

Ken had no comment.


Whatever you say buddy.

Who was your first crush?

You still think I'm bluffing?

I have plenty of time, so I can sleep for a while?

I am not pushing.

He is two hundred pounds in weight.

Juergen died almost immediately.

Jeannie wanted to speak to Don privately.

So practical!

Today, I have a lot of homework.

I'll have to get back to you.

We keep two goats.

Surya said he didn't know.

He passed the test in the face of poverty.

He cleared his throat before starting the lecture.


I always make a point of painting things as they are.

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Attach labels to all the bags.

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She is determined to succeed this time.


Sexual harassment has now become a social issue.

Clara is sarcastic.

Toerless has been like this all week.

Everett and Irfan agreed on a price.

I want to rent this room to a student.


She lives in a trailer park.

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Acai berries have become popular.

What a disappointment you are!

Fred didn't want to go back to the orphanage.

I don't want to be disturbed.

Looks like her mom.

I got him to mend my watch.

What exactly was the plan?

They're surprised.

He is as lazy as ever.

Gunter gave Ami a heart-shaped balloon.

You made this all possible.


We know what you did was right.

Have you learned to drive a car?

Is it my turn?

Clearly, we have different priorities.

The weather forecast is not reliable at all.

I need to speak to her now.

Why should you think that?

No matter what I did, no one paid any attention to me.

I wish he could have come.


I thought you might feel sorry for Edmund.

Do I look desperate to you?

You know nothing.

Wife and children are hostages given to fortune.

He rarely stays home on Sunday.

Sharon went out for a walk.

Archie is a very protective father.

If all else fails, reboot the system.

Language is just a map of human thoughts, feelings and memories. And like all maps, language is a hundred thousand times the thumbnail image of what it is trying to convey.

Real washed his hands.

Was Claudia in Boston last week?

We've destroyed the enemy flagship!

There may be two cases here.

Studies have revealed that the average keyboard has more germs than a toilet seat.

We need to get out of their way now.

Cyrus felt very bad about what had happened.

Don't forget to go shopping.


We weren't invited.

This jacket isn't expensive, it's very cheap.

Even though they were poor, they were happy.


We await the visit of our uncle with a happy heart.


Except for the weather, it was a fun picnic.

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The flesh is mortal.

Major saw a picture of Jeffery hanging on the wall.

Live in affluence.


Sam was reluctant to go by himself.

The taxi I took was very old and small.

I liked your speech.


We're starting to work today.

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The heavens do not err.

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Getting married is a serious matter.

Morton said more than he had intended.

Do you smell rubber burning?

I was very moved by her kindness.

The conference gives us an opportunity to see again specialists coming from around the world.


I'm dying to expand my business.


He wanted the cab driver to turn left.

Is that what you did to Donne?

I'm going to Mainz and then to Cologne next year.

Atlantis sank into the sea.

When does the plane leave?

That's a stupid name.

Saul withdrew three hundred thousand dollars from the bank to pay the ransom.


"Where is Thessaloniki?" "In Greece."

Arlene has some very radical ideas.

I suppose I'll just have to improvise.

He makes it a rule to keep a diary every day.

I knew I could trust him.

He was treated terribly.

Aside from him, nobody else came to the party.


These are my CDs.

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Kieran told Arnold about that.

My father will travel abroad next year.

This meeting is a waste of time. Everybody is just talking in vague theoretical terms.